A Guide For VHS To Digital Services

vhs to digital

VHS to digital services can bring a range of inherent advantages that can be enjoyed as a result of converting VHS tapes to digital format. In this guide we will look at what exactly those advantages are and how they can benefit customers of the service.


VHS is a media format which was used up until 2016 and is now discontinued. It consists of video tapes which use magnetic film in order to play videos normally via vcr play or alternatively on tv’s with integrated vcr players. This media format has been hugely popular for many years across the world up until around the introduction of the DVD as well as online services where people can now stream and watch movies.

This has consequently led to a decline in the number of people still using VHS format and a lack of support for existing VHS tapes in terms of repair and replacement overall. Some of the disadvantages of continuing to use VHS are as follows:

  • Tapes can be easily damaged and if the film is damaged this has detrimental damage on the tape overall
  • VHS tapes take up considerably more space than digital or dvd format in terms of physical space
  • In can be very difficult to source replacement VHS tapes due to their scarcity.
  • VHS lacks technology to support its continued use
VHS to digital

Why Convert VHS To Digital?

There are a range of reasons as to why you might want to convert VHS to digital overall. One of the main reasons that people choose to convert VHS to digital format is the variety of platforms they can watch the media on. Media converted to digital format can be watched on almost every platform e.g Tv , laptop , computer , tablet etc. Whereas the VHS tape is only usable on very limited platforms such as the VHS player.

Another key advantage digital format has over VHS is longevity and durability. Typically media stored on a digital format can be stored on USB stick or dvd. Both of these devices take up less space than a VHS tape and are likely to last far longer due to their construction.

What Are The Benefits Of The Conversion Process?

In terms of the conversion process there are many benefits. One of the main points to note about converting VHS to DVD is the entire process only takes a matter of days. In addition to this businesses often offer a postal service through which the original copies alongside the new copies can be returned to the customer upon completion of the conversion.

Another key benefit to note is that the process is very cheap and affordable making it an excellent option for people looking to preserve memories stored on old VHS tape or multiple tapes.

VHS to digital


Overall there are a lot of things that can be note about VHS to digital on the whole. Clearly it has had a significant overall effect. More people are now considering the process and this guide highlights the clear advantages that the conversion process can offer overall.