Germany Sends China Coronavirus Bill


There is outrage in China after Germany has called out China as responsible for the recent global pandemic and even issued them with a £130 billion invoice.

Germany has followed the action set by France, UK and the US, who are all looking to China to blame for the coronavirus outbreak.

It is true that China is where the virus originally started, and from there it has spread to almost every corner of the world.

It has cost great economic and social problems, and this has caused great anger amongst the world’s powers, and has caused them to lash out at China. 

Recent investigations have also discovered that Beijing appeared to try to cover up the true scale of the crisis when it broke out.

The actually true source of the outbreak still to this day remains a mystery, which has led to some pretty serious allegations being made to China.

Donald Trump, the president of America, has stated that China should face serious consequences if it was knowingly responsible for unleashing this virus epidemic.

President Trump thinks that there is a chance that the virus could have been stopped before it started, and now the whole world is suffering because of their negligence.

There has been a lot of claims that China have attempted to cover up the true scale of the originof the pandemic, and many nations have repeatedly accused China of lacking transparency.

Figures in Wuhan where the virus started have recently been revisited, and there has been a sudden jump of 50% in the figures, which is raising some serious concerns.

People think that China is naturally embarrassed by the whole thing, and have been attempting to cover up the full extent of the outbreak when it happened so as to distance themselves from the blame of the problem.