Some Unusual Ways to Keep Employees Motivated at Work


Keeping people motivated at work can be a tough task. Doing the same repetitive tasks every day can be tiring to even the most enthusiastic person. That is why as their manager, it is your job to work out how to keep the wheel turning. Some of your older, more traditional methods have started to lose their charm. Try some of these unusual methods and start to reap the benefits.

·       Unlimited Coffee

Coffee is an absolute necessity of office life. So many people start off their mornings with a cup of it, and use it during the day when they start to feel the tiredness setting in. Depending on your businesses budget you can get a top-tier coffee machine all the way down to a small machine. Whatever the budget, make sure that there is always coffee available.


·       Have an Outdoor Area

No matter how nice the inside of your office is, it’s still inside when the summer comes around. If the weather is nice outside, nobody wants to be stuck inside even if they like the surroundings. You could have a rooftop terrace or seated area in the sun. Employees can then choose to use this to work at. It also gives them an option when taking a break to rejuvenate themselves.

·       Friday Afternoon Drinks

It can come as no surprise that the time of the week were motivation is at its lowest is a Friday afternoon. People don’t want to be at work, they want to be enjoying the start of their weekend. Stock your office fridge with some beers, ciders or other forms of beverage. Give your employees the option of having a drink with a couple hours left in the day. This will motivate staff to get their work done before Friday afternoon comes along. It can also help build team chemistry.

·       Put Up a Chalkboard

Putting a chalkboard up in your office can be fairly cheap. It is a great tool for employees to let their creative side out. If they are ever feeling frustrated or unmotivated then they can get up and start doodling on the blackboard. It can even be a great conversation starter for people visiting your office.


·       Get an Office Dog

Being around dogs makes humans more relaxed and happier. Why would you not want that around your office? Obviously someone will have to look after the dog when it’s out of office hours. But once they get to the office everyone will dig in and look after the pup. What better way to motivate someone than cuddling a dog?

·       Ping Pong Table

You’ll see more and more offices with ping pong tables up in them. This sport is a great release of energy and is a whole load of fun. If motivation is ever lacking then you can have a game of ping pong to release some energy and get the brain back in gear.