Best Business Performance Tools

Business performance tools make monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing processes more realistic for leaders of growing businesses. These effective tools transform data into easily understandable insights and dashboard visualizations.

Goal setting, continuous feedback, weekly one-on-ones and employee surveying are also supported by these systems, along with on-demand training opportunities.


Prophix is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software system designed to assist finance leaders in turning daily challenges into genuine opportunities for growth. By automating budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes – Prophix allows financial leaders to focus on what truly matters while automating budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes – Prophix enables finance leaders to focus on what truly matters while improving profitability and minimizing risk.

This system is tailored to work seamlessly with various databases, flat files and external data sources. Featuring open database technology for seamless integration and an intuitive interface for moving data between pre-built models within the system. Furthermore, its direct integration with SYSPRO ERP enables users to collaborate more easily on report publishing and data entry processes.

Reporting functionality allows users to dive deep into transactional level details, while support for multiple currencies facilitates multinational planning tasks. Employees find the user-friendly interface easy to navigate, and processing large data sets quickly is relatively quick as well. In addition, free demo and training videos help users get up and running quickly.


Sisense is an impressive tool that enables users to connect to almost all data storage platforms and quickly create dashboard landscapes, supporting various business analytics functions as well as offering mobile access for data access anytime from anywhere. But before choosing it for your company, be aware of some drawbacks such as needing a powerful server with enough resources, as well as its learning curve which might make the application less accessible or intuitive for non-technical users.

At its core lies its ability to consolidate data from disparate sources into a central location for users across platforms – something which is especially crucial when dealing with large volumes of information that requires analysis. Its in-chip engine optimizes CPU performance for maximum server utilization. Finally, its visual tools make for versatile data visualisation across formats.


15Five is a performance management software solution offering a full suite of tools for manager and employee communication. These tools include pulse surveys, weekly check-ins, people analytics and employee recognition built into one centralized system. 15Five also facilitates conversations between managers and employees to discuss challenges that impede achieving goals and objectives as well as build healthy manager-employee relationships. Furthermore, private manager assessments deliver impartial reviews while exploring employee promotion/compensation opportunities.

It also features one-on-one meeting agenda software that enables managers to utilize feedback from an individual’s 15Five into individual meetings and take notes that they can use as coaching tools.

15Five stands apart from traditional business performance tools with its focus on positive psychology and people-centred approaches, which has allowed it to create world-class workplaces for companies like Spotify and HubSpot. Furthermore, 15Five also offers leadership training programs so managers fully comprehend people-centric leadership.