Heat Exchangers Keep Our Industries Cool

heat exchangers

Hundreds of big industries depend on heat exchangers to enable them to operate effectively and safely. They are absolutely critical to keeping these systems working and ensuring the safety of people around them. A lot of these big industries have very expensive components that are extremely costly to replace, so ensuring that they do not build up too much heat and fail is crucial for the survival of these companies. Heat exchangers work away unseen keeping systems and people safe, while at the same time ensuring the future of energy in the world.

heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers For Energy Companies

All kinds of energy companies rely on heat exchangers from Glacier to allow them to control the heat that is involved in the energy making process. Heat can be a huge problem if left unchecked, and can lead to fatal errors and catastrophes if it is allowed to build up. The simple way to keep these expensive components from burning up completely is to pass cold water over these parts in a continuous loop, returning the hot water to a cooling system then bringing it back to the unit.

heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers in Homes

The air conditioner and heat exchanger are commonly used in homes that have heating and cooling problems. This is because both of these systems are used to move the air, either for heating or cooling purposes. By making sure that they work properly, the home can be both comfortable and cool at the same time. Another way to keep them from not working properly is to make sure that they are protected against the elements. Many people use their windows and doors to keep the cold out, but too much humidity can also cause problems.

In homes with these systems, the air and heat are exchanged between them. It is vital that the exchanger is properly maintained so that it will not be damaged. Too much moisture can cause it to work harder than it should, which can affect the quality of the air in the home. It is also important to ensure that it is kept clean so that the air and the water that is circulated through it will not cause problems. The filters that are used will need to be changed periodically to make sure that the air is clean and healthy for everyone. This can help prevent diseases such as asthma and can help keep mold from building up and spreading throughout the home.


The window units and other parts of the heat exchanger systems need to be cleaned regularly so that they will not accumulate dirt and debris. There are many cleaning products available that will help eliminate the build up and debris that can cause damage to the system. For instance, vinegar can be used to remove the buildup from inside the window unit. Regular cleaning will help keep the heat exchanger operating smoothly. Doing this will also ensure that the windows in the home will be free of allergens and that the air quality in the home will be good.