Why To Consider Damp Specialists For Your Properties

damp specialists

Damp is a condition that comes in a number of different forms and can affect properties across the UK. damp specialists can identify different forms of damp and quickly move to ensure that they are dealt with. In this article we will look at different forms of damp as well as ways you can prevent them and look at how damp specialists can prevent this.

Rising Damp

This is a form of damp in which moisture and dampness travel upwards slowly making an entire property suffer from damp. There are a number of different warning signs that come as a result of rising damp such as : a damp or musty odour, watermarks on the walls and wallpaper that is peeling off. In order to prevent this there is an number of different techniques that can be used in order to stop rising damp. One effective way of reducing rising damp is by using something called a dryrod. A dryrod is piece of equipment which can be placed in wall with a small amount of drilling. The rod absorbs large amounts of moisture and studies have shown it has been extremely effective in the past. Many also have up to a twenty year warranty.

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a form of similar to rising damp. Some of the following are signs of penetrating damp in a property : Wallpaper ripping and tearing easily , mould build up , very low room temperature and visible signs of damp. In any case if any of the following occur it is always best if damp specialists are called in in order to deal with the issues present.

What Can You Do To Prevent This?

damp specialists

There are a number of different routes you can take in order to completely eliminate damp dampness from your property. One method which is effective in tackling the root causes of damp is basement waterproofing. Often properties with basements suffer from higher levels of damp than those without. This is because if water leaks into a basement or a small amount of condensation leaks in then it can continue to build up.

Another way in which you can help to prevent damp building up within your property is by having double glazing windows installed if they aren’t already present within your property. Double glazing can prevent heat loss as well as preventing condensation from coming into a property. This means there is likely to be far less damp build up. This contrasts with single glazing where damp can easily build up.

Why Use Damp Specialists?

There are a number of different reasons as to why it is worth considering the help of damp specialists. These specialists typically have years of experience in the field of preventing and repairing damage caused as a result of damp. Furthermore they are more likely to do a more thorough and lasting job unless you have considerable experience in DIY. Lastly using damp specialists means that more problems can be identified and potential solutions suggested or implemented.